Brand’s activation

VIDEOMAT will skyrocket your brand’s presence on social media. Perfect for big music festivals, marketing brand events or your next TikTok challenge, you can fully customize your activation.

Videos are more eye-catching and generate more engagement on social media rather than a simple photo. And this is where your BRAND should be. We can help you create branded content that people will love and share on social media while you gain free awareness for your brand.

Private corporate parties

Looking for a new, out-of-the box and engaging way to have fun at your private corporate party? VIDEOMAT could help you create an interactive activation for your team members. Small groups of people can create funny 360 videos while using props and making it fun and engaging.

Team presentation

Searching for a different idea to create a team video presentation? Nothing easier, choose to create an interactive video presentation that will highlight the team members from a 360 angles. You win time, the team is having fun and in the end you have a cool and interactive video.

The sky is the limit. Surprise us with your request!

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