About Videomat

Videomat makes your guests look good. We bring the right lighting and the right cameras to ensure your guests look like stars!

We believe in delivering a different experience that people would like to share and enjoy. Video is creative, fun and most of all engaging.

Choose to be different and original while you expose your brand. Choose to create vivid, fun and memorable 360 experiences.


What we do?

• we turn consumers into brand’s advocates that capture, create and share commercial video experiences

• create memorable experiences for consumers

• increase brand presence in social media

• instantly branded shareable videos

How it works:

Step 1: Firstly, guests enter the activation space


Step 2: Guests choose their props


Step 3: They have fun, dancing and making funny faces


Step 4: Then they step down and move to the sharing kiosk


Step 5: We share with them their 360 videos via text/email

Sharing kiosk via text message/e-mail

Videos render almost immediately, ready for your guests to download or share straight to social.

Distribuie video 360

Add a 360 custom-made background. This way all your guests will enjoy a fully experience with your brand.

Add any visual identity elements on:

  • The Rotative platform
  • Interior / exterior walls
  • Interior / exterior ceiling
  • The Display

This way you can have the coolest brand activation!

Distribuie video 360


Data collection

Curious about how many people entered your activation and what was the impact?

We provide you with a dedicated live platform to see all the videos.

Also, after the event:

  • analytics about downloads
  • data about shares in social media

All data is collection with the participants consent according to GDPR legislation.

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Phone: 0725.285.312
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